Feel the Music

Woman playing a cello

Feel the Music


Does she play the cello, or does the cello play her?

Or is it something mutual – a team effort where one builds off the other?

I say the latter.

Their bodies intertwine and create something that is a part of them both,
but has a beauty and a life of it’s own.

A something that is created, and sent out into the world,
with it’s own force, and it’s own power,
and touches more than either musician, or instrument could do
not on their own.

The two play together, but what they make touches not only them,
but the hearts, and minds, and souls of people for generations.

This, I think, is why when a true artist plays an instrument, it can look like
they are ‘making love’ to the instrument – whether it cello, or piano, or electric guitar.
They are truly caught up in that ‘moment’ in the way a couple might get caught up in the bedroom
Except the performance, and the afterglow, is something for the world to see, and hear
And love.

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