Subliminal Advertising

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Subliminal Advertising


Okay,  so the title is a little tongue-in-cheek, but where does advertising go from here?  You probably found this page from me posting on one of several social networks but that’s a relatively limited reach – some 30,000 people if everyone sees a post.  Assuming of course that it doesn’t get reshared and go viral or the like.

But I’m not a ‘big gun’, you know?  And I have to fight for visual time with not only other photographers, but every single person or company out there with a product, or service to offer.  That doesn’t leave much for the little guy with zero budget.

Fortunately for me, I produce art, and people either like it, or they don’t, and if they buy something, the advertising is free because their friends and family are going to see my product and ask about it.  And, I’m not looking to get rich, I’d just like to see my work appreciated, and hopefully in those peoples homes.


The big guys, though, have a much more serious problem – they’re having to spread their millions of advertising dollars across TV, print, the internet, “events”, and their prices are going up for an even smaller slice of time and market.

Which means more stunts and dumb things to try and grab a piece of attention – Volkswagen does it very well with their clever commercials on Youtube.  Other companies often end up with a whole lot of egg on their face.  Which means they’re going to get more and more desperate, and I’m scared of the possibilities – buying tattoos on people?  It’s been done you know.  How about QR code tattoos that go to a companies website, though?  Putting more pressure on bloggers?  Using even racier/sexually charged ads on TV or the internet?  That thing Facebook tried where they would use your face to try and sell products to your friends?  Just lifting quotes off of public posts and using you as an endorsement?

The mind boggles.

Anyway, if you’ve read this far, thank you.  This photo was conceived while I was working on a flyer layout for my ‘day job’ the other day, and it really got me thinking about the extreme.  Many of the things I’ve mentioned above are included in the photograph – and the QR code does work, BTW.  It was difficult to make it scan properly on a computer monitor, but a little careful positioning and processing got it there.

And, as always, this and more of my work is available for viewing (and purchase should you desire) in the gallery.  You’ll find links to more mundane things like landscapes and miscellaneous bit and bobs that catch my attention too.

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