The Masque

woman in mask

Imagine My Surprise, Knowing I Love You

I would ask you to imagine that moment, but I know you already know what I’m talking about.  There’s that instant where you realize how you actually feel about someone, but aren’t sure if you can/should let them know.

On goes the masque of shock,  hoping for that opportune time.

Woman in a mask

Tell Me No More Lies

At some point in a relationship, we – you and I both – have been lied to.  And we’ve done it ourselves.  “White Lies” are hard enough, be we live in some fear of the big ones.

On goes the mask of denial.


Woman in mask fading into the background

Tell Me Before I Fade Away

Have you ever realized that you don’t remind your partner how you feel often enough?

Personally, I’ve been on both sides.

Which is why I know of the Masque of Doubt.

Woman in mask waiting, and not happy about it

I Wait

You can tell when you’ve put off something too long.  She may not say something, but it’s on her face, and in her body language.

And once she’s donned the masque of impatience, it’s too late.


Woman in mask in wonderment.

Makes You Wonder

That look in her eye.  Have you been good?  Have you been bad?  What will the consequences be?

You never know when the pensive masque has been put on.


Woman in mask sleeping.

To Die, To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

When the last masque of the evening comes, what shall you fill it with?  The choice is yours.


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